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Relative Space Application

Description: Essentially identical as the Tenth Doctor in every way, shape, or form, except not really, because he only has one heart, and favours the blue suit over brown. Tall, thin, untamable hair, inexplicably brown, especially when having the brown suit on. Brown hair, brown eyes, brown suit. If there was a colour to describe him, it would probably be brown. I mean, really. He's brown. Just. Brown. Not different, just brown. It's really only the All-Stars that give some vague variety to his colour scheme, even when he's in his blue suit. He sometimes attempts to wear casual clothing in the alternate universe, usually with disastrous consequences.

Backstory: (If I sound a little... er... sarcastic and not very amusing, please blame it on the fact that I didn't get much sleep when I wrote this?)
It all started with the story of a hand back in the Christmas of 2007. A little obviously choreographed swordfight with the Sycorax resulted in a loss of limbs, or rather, a loss of one limb, which plummetted to Earth, much to the distress of its former owner and itself, because plummeting off giant rock ships isn't something you're going to welcome with open... well.

Once on Earth, it was found by Captain Jack Harkness, who put it in a blue bubbly container and probably read it bedtime stories every night and told people with guns that it was important to him every morning so that they could keep taking it hostage or shooting it. This happened for a while, until one day, a blue box showed up and whisked Jack and his beloved and probably highly abused hand away. To the end of the universe. Not the best vacation, and it didn't get to do much when they got there, stuck in the TARDIS as it was and occasionally gawped at by companions, because seriously. It's a hand. Then a different Time Lord came strutting in, dying all over the place and regenerating, returning to Earth, abusing the hand, taking bits off it to use for his screwdriver, ruining the TARDIS and not being very nice about anything. But soon that was all over and done with, and the hand returned to travelling with its former owner, tucked safely under the console in case it was needed to give a plot a hand. It remained a presence in the TARDIS, creeping out the visitors, scaring the crows.

Then things started really going pear-shaped and it found itself about to be destroyed, in the TARDIS, with a loud ginger woman, who thought it'd be a good idea to touch it for some reason and BAM! Container broke, hand flopped out and grew a new Doctor. Like a worm. Except not, because worms can't actually do that. And this version of the Doctor was a bit mouthy, like Donna, and had one heart, like Donna, or any human being, really, and he likes the blue suit. Which implies some mental deficiency in the brain. Or colour blindness.

After a useless failed attempt at stopping Davros which included a lot of shiny TARDIS and gun action for about ten seconds, Donna saved the day when the Doctor part of her awoke, and everyone and their mother (or at least, Rose's mother) drove the Earth home (while the Moon went off to Mars instead) and he was sent to the parallel universe with Rose, where he finished the sentence his other, real self couldn't on the same beach several years ago, which probably was "I love you", but could have easily been "I love bananas" because they didn't let us hear, so what are we supposed to think. He now lives in the parallel universe with one heart, trying not to think about how he'll not regenerate this time around.

I'm also making canon the TARDIS coral (that is, if that isn't a problem with you?) that was initially supposed to be in the original show, but was removed for time constraints. I was thinking of keeping it as just a coral at the moment, I'm not exactly sure how this will work, as I've heard that TARDIS usually take several centuries to grow. And the release of the excluded scene didn't make it much better.

Your take on the character's personality and story:
Lame hand jokes aside, I think this Doctor is just as damaged as his other counterpart, no more, no less; no matter what claims were given in this last episode. He committed genocide, yes, but everyone's killed a lot of Daleks, the real Doctor included, and the part-human Doctor was hardly showing as much 'soldier' tendencies as Nine was when he and Rose 'first met'. Being that the Doctor is still fairly damaged in his own way, that's not to say this Doctor doesn't have his own issues, including a couple of ones he's gained by being 'grown', as it were. A bit of an inferiority complex, for one. But besides that, he's still got an enormous gob, a strength only heightened by traces of Donna's personality in him, making him not only more talkative, but more forceful, rude, and pushy. And somewhat louder as well. But he is the Doctor, still, no one can take that from him, not even himself. On the other hand, he is having to deal with being human, being stuck on Earth with no TARDIS and living that dreaded domestic life. And besides all that, he's also rather torn on how to come to terms with the idea of aging naturally and dying just once, because he still has those 900 years implanted in his brain and the sudden and very real concept of mortality is suddenly right at his doorstep.

Please write a small sample of some sort of "in character" speech, action, or both (a link may be provided if you've written this character before):
A tongue curled experimentally around new, familiar, exactly-the-same-as-before teeth. He had a slight suspicion that the mirror would crack if he stared at it for too long, but he couldn't help it. He felt out of place. He felt like he should be different. That he should feel the slight discomfort of regeneration, of looking out of a body that wasn't quite his yet. If anything, it was strange that he was still in the same body after what should have been a regeneration. That, was perhaps the real uniqueness of the situation.

Yet he was, in some ways, different. In some ways, he did have that sort of distant feeling to his body, especially when he sprouted out things like "isn't that wizard" or "earth girl." The latter of which wasn't all that clever anyway. Would all his favourite words still work with this mouth?

"Brilliant," he tried, clicking his teeth around the word, still staring at himself in the mirror. He shook his head sadly. No. He'd have to find a new one. "Fantastic, mmm no. Amazing, nah, definitely not amazing. Uhm... Stupendous. God, no. Lovely? Very lovely? Exquisite? Exquisite. Exquissssssite."


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